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Development of websites, online shops, implementation of the CRM system

"The internet doesn't change business models, it can only give powerful new tools to existing ones." 
Doug Devos, President, Amway Corporation

Information technology is an important factor in the development of your company. Today, promoting your brand is unimaginable without the internet. An online presence will help your company find new customers and thus solve strategic tasks of your business.

Application of information technologies will allow you to manage your company quickly and efficiently, and the corporate website or an online shop will increase your sales and create additional traffic to attract potential clients and partners.

Properly developed IT systems and resources will contribute to the successful development of your business and greatly facilitate your company's operating systems.

We will provide optimal IT solutions for your business.




IT consulting includes the following blocks:

  • IT audits: assessment of the level of automation, recommendations;
  • web-sites: analysis, development, technical support, optimization;
  • web applications: consulting, development;
  • corporate portals: advice, development, technical support;
  • CRM-system: development and automation.

The most popular blocks of the work in the IT direction are:

  • corporate website;
  • internet-shop;
  • CRM-system.

A few useful recommendations from our company:

If you are thinking about a set of IT consulting services, identify the priority blocks for you.
A correct and accurate ToR (terms of reference) for the development of an IT-product is the key to a successful launch of the planned project.
Start preparing content for the Internet resource in advance. Keep in mind that its preparation requires considerable time and work of specialists.
Term of launch and implementation of quality IT-solutions in the business is from one month, regardless of the size of the business.
Regularly and timely test all blocks of the IT system and products. This will help avoid potential pitfalls and errors in the future.
The benefits of IT systems and products are clear:

  • optimisation of financial and time costs for content management;
  • increased loyalty of regular clients and, as a consequence, growth of sales;
  • increased efficiency of business processes;
  • creating a unified infrastructure: increased manageability and transparency.

By contacting our company, you are guaranteed to receive a quality solution for optimising, setting up and managing your business IT processes.

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